Tuesday, 2 May 2017

How to improve Alexa Rank with SEO?

Chasing a Lower Alexa Rank is really difficult for too many new bloggers.

Some bloggers are talented for achieving rank below 100000.But most time it’s difficult for many new bloggers for his site. So, how to boost Alexa rank for rapidly?

Is there any trick to follow how to improve Alexa ranking with SEO?
Can I increase Alexa rank quickly?

There are many questions comes to your mind when you create or start the new blog or website for your own.

In this post, I share some tips which helpful to Improve your Alexa ranking rapidly for your business.

What is Alexa Rank? :

Alexa is a Web Information Company, they are ranked website on many factors like a traffic. Alexa rank is updated day to day. If your rank below one million, they updated it frequently (3 Month Report), but always keeps trying to get your website below a one less than (or) 10 thousand around.

How Alexa Works? :

Alexa.com was founded in 1996 and they collected data for ranking website through a toolbar.

Many people think (Including Me also) Alexa does not give an exact ranking for the websites.

They give the best metric for comparing two sites in same Field.

Alexa Ranking worth for SEO? :

Because Alexa metrics relays on traffic to your blog (or) website and we apply SEO on our blog or website only for getting exposure to the broad audience of the Internet.

How to Improve Alexa Rank? :

1. Install Alexa Toolbar,
2. Install Alexa Widget,
3. Write Unique Content,
4. Write Content regularly,
5. Share your content on social media.

Alexa ranks still important in 2017? :

Many bloggers ask me about the importance of Alexa ranking in 2016 (or) 2017.

If you want to impress your visitor then it matters most and Alexa helps you to identify the popularity of your competitor website (or) it help in link building process.


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